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Basic & not so basic quilting techniques

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A dictionary of quilting terms

Quilt Blocks
Diagrams and directions for many quilt blocks in various sizes.

Foundations Blocks
A collection of foundations for paper piecing.

Block of the Month Series - WWQP Tenth Anniversary - a row by row quilt pattern with multisized blocks
Block of the Month - 1997/1998 - 6" and 12" blocks
Block of the Month II - 1998/1999 - 6" and 12" blocks
Block of the Month - 2000 - 18" blocks

Mystery Quilts
Lots of fun and surprises for individuals or groups

A Beginner's Guide to Quilting
Step by step, illustrated directions for projects for new quilters

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WWQP Bulletin Board
Old WWQP Bulletin Board
A place for users to post questions,& requests - now, even more

Pattern Request
Looking for a particular pattern - ask your fellow cyber-quilters for help

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    The Trading Post
    a place for finding quilters to exchange fabric & blocks with.

    Quilting Hints
    A place for our users to post their greatest discoveries!

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    Buy, Sell, Trade - a service provided free of charge to our readers.

    Our Users Publishing on the Web
    Articles, essays, stories, & patterns by our users.

    Question of the Week
    Get your quilting questions answered and share your knowledge with others. A new question posted every week.

    Quilting Errata
    Be it a diagram or directions, mistakes can happen, even in the best publications. Here's a place to post about mistakes in books & magazines.

    WWQP Quilt Block Contest
    Our year 2000 contest
     See the completed quilts pictures!!

    Quilters & Their Work

    Design Board
    See what your fellow quilters are up to.

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    Meet the Artists & Teachers
    Learn about the people who have turned quilting into an art form & those who carry on the traditions.
    Remembering Doreen Speckmann

    Regional Information

    Quilt Stores
    Where to find fabric & supplies in your area - Now, you can add a store from anywhere the world & have the information immediately available!

    Quilt Shows
    What's happening in your area - Now, add your own show review

    Quilting Guilds
    Join with others quilters in your area

    Quilt Exhibitions & Museums
    Things you don't want to miss

    Supplies & Shopping Online

    Catalogues, Businesses & Services online
    Get your quilting (& other) supplies on line

    Quilting Tools & Notions
    Information on the tools of the trade

    A Wealth of Quilting Information from the Internet

    Other Places on the Web to visit
    Quilting and all kinds of Textile Arts and information - Totally Redone - June '99

    FAQs Page
    Frequently Asked Questions about Quilting

    Quilt Related Mailing Lists
    Get in touch with other quilters online. - Pages below maintained on the WWQP

    Quilting Library

    Quilt History
    A brief history of quilting around the world.

    Quilt Book Reviews
    Find out the best and latest books published.

    Everything you've always wanted to know about it.

    Computers & Quilting
    What computer software is there for quilt designing.

    Quilted Clothing
    Create wearable art.

    Misc Quilting Topics
    All kinds of interesting information with no particular theme.

    Do your book shopping online from the comfort of your own home

    The WWQP Bookstore

    Never, Ever Forget!!

    The names of all who lost their lives

    We will never forget!!

    Our executive editor

    Sue's Cyberspace Office

    Reviews of this site!!

    Our newest assistant

    Sue's Y2K Thank You Quilt

    Looking for snow (or wonder what we see out the window at the WWQP)
    Visit our Winter Wonderland

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